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Back to HomepageWe use only the BEST 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS from vegetable or plant sources not the petrochemical industry.

All Unica products are ideal for both men and women, as and more men are reacting to the synthetic chemicals contained in most high street brand of men's skin care products.

Here you will find a selection of Unica products that have proven to be most popular among the boys, to help with everyday grooming problems like razor burn, skin irritations, itchy skin and much more.
Suitable for all skin types including very sensitive and those prone to acne, eczema or psoriasis.

New King for Men - Intensive anti-aging & Regenerating Face Cream & After shave with Prebiotics

BLISS-SO Soothing organic  Baby/Family Balm
BLISS-SO Soothing Baby/Family Lotion Stick
with Shea Butter & Chamomile
Super Concentrated Moisturizer
SOS Repair Baby/ Family Organic  Lotion Stick
SOS REPAIR Baby/Family Lotion Stick
with Tea Tree & Lavender
Super Concentrated Moisturizer
sos repair lotion stick
KISS IT BETTER eczema cream
After Shave Cream
Sensitive & Eczema prone skin with Prebiotic & Rosehip Oil
Kiss it Better
Spring organic rebalancing face cream
Face & After Shave Cream Combination / Oily skin
Prebiotics, Hemp & Rosehip oil
Freedom Muscle and joints organic oil blend
FREEDOM organic
Rheumatic & joint pain Oil
with Tamanu oil, Thistle oil
Olive oil & Chamomile
Happy Feet organic oil blend
Anti-fungal Anti-bacterial Oil
with Tamanu Oil, Thistle oil,
& Tea Tree
Happy Feet
NEW LIFE organic face scrub
NEW LIFE Now 40% more!
Adzuki Facial Scrub
with Adzuki beans, Oatmeal & Lavender
Breeze organic face oil
BREEZE - Acne relief
Re-balancing & Purifying face oil with Tamanu oil,
Andiroba oil & Copaiba oil
from £6.95
BREEZE - Acne relief
Deliverance organic concentrated cream
Super Concentrated Anti-Aging Regenerating Soothing Cream
Tamanu oil & Nilotica Shea butter
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